Trepan 17 1/2 I.D. on 40" diameter 4140


Trepan 8" diameter I.D. on Aluminum Forging

Typical Processing - Step 1 Typical Processing - Step 2

Typical Processing - Step 3

Typical Processing - Step 4 Typical Processing - Step 5

Applications & Capabilities

Trepanning Specialties has the in-house facilities and expertise to trepan or gundrill materials as common as stainless steel to the more "exotic" metals such as Titanium, as well as non-metallic materials such as wood and plastics. Utilizing trepanning, gun drilling, BTA Systems, and boring, Trepanning Specialties can meet your every requirement.

Trepanning Specialties is equipped to prepare all materials which may require additional machining varying from O.D. work to honing.

Your Convenience Is Our Concern

Another convenient and cost-cutting advantage you'll find at Trepanning Specialties is our rapport with the major service centers and distributors in our area. If you want to avoid the often needless and expensive cost of shipping your material to us, or if you are unable to locate the required material in your area, simply have Trepanning Specialties purchase the material for you. Or, place the order with one of the major service centers or distributors in our vicinity, and have your material drop-shipped to us. Upon completion of your order, we will ship directly to you or your customer.

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